President's Corner 

Hi, and welcome to the Alpha Mu Chapter of Omega Phi Alpha-  Boston University’s only community service sorority!


My name is Alana Schwarz and I am a senior in the College of Engineering studying Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Technology Innovation. It is my fourth year as a member of OPHIA and second time serving on our e-board. Coming from a small community outside the city of Chicago, I was overwhelmed by a big move to a new city. Luckily, through my time spent in OPHIA, I have been able to find my home away from home. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by women who are empowered through service, and lift each other up everyday.


Omega Phi Alpha at Boston University contains a group of strong, diverse, service driven women. Every member of OPHIA has different cultural backgrounds, majors, and interests. The bond that ties us together is our love for bettering the community around us. The exceptional women of OPHIA have spent years creating amazing relationships with our community partners around the city of Boston. We have learned that the best way to get to know the lovely city of Boston is by spending time getting to know the trials and triumphs of it’s community partners. Spending time serving food at a local homeless shelter, cleaning the Charles River Esplanade, or even collecting tampons for a local woman’s shelter are some of the amazing projects we partake in. The best part of OPHIA is that it truly is what you make it. This year, I am proud and excited to lead the sisters of OPHIA and watch them conquer the challenges of bettering the community we love!


Love Always,

Alana Schwarz

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