where are our SIsters now?

OPhiA girls don't stop doing great things after they leave their BU home. Check out what some of them are up to now!

Alison Hart (Class of 2017)

Alison currently works as the Director of Constituent Services for Senator Harriette Chandler from Worcester. Daily, she works closely with the Senator, as well as the Chief of Staff, to assure the office runs smoothly. Though her work is varied, Alison often gets the chance to focus on the Senator's priorities: women's rights and health. The work Alison has been doing is so inspiring in our current political climate: "It's been a great experience to work with such committed and dedicated public servants in the State House in a time when trust in government is so low." In her free time, she likes to explore Boston and New England, and works on refining family recipes to impress her friends. We are so proud of you Alison!

Chelsea Barth (Class of 2015)

Chelsea is currently getting her Masters' in Public Health at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Before going to graduate school, Chelsea worked for multiple non-profits. One opportunity she received was to work at MEDLIFE, a non-profit that focuses on improving access to healthcare, education, and safety in Latin America and Africa.  Chelsea spent her time working for MEDLIFE in Peru, where she was able help alleviate human insecurities throughout local communities. Thank you for all you've done to improve public health, Chelsea!

Paulathena Stone (Class of 2017)

Paulathena is currently pursing her Masters in Nursing and Doctorate in Nursing Practice at Columbia University's School of Nursing. Her focus is on midwifery and women's health, and she plans to open her very own practice in the Bronx, where she grew up. Before going to graduate school, Paulathena worked in City Year. It was here where she worked in a middle school in the Bronx and was able to connect and give back to her community. Paulathena's advice to anyone trying to follow their own dreams? "Don't let a change in plans deter you from pursing your dream. Just adjust and move forward. Great things come when they're ready to!" Amazing job, Paulathena!

Emma Seslowsky (Class of 2018)

Emma is currently working at CNN as a Production Assistant. She has hosted and sound-designed for the podcast "Election 2000: Over/Time." Additionally, she works on other political podcasts, which daily jobs consist of editing, recording, and getting to travel to Washington D.C. When she's not at CNN, she's performing as a singer/songwriter! Emma plays a few shows every month across New York City. She's working on recording new music that she plans to release at the end of the 2018 year. Keep rocking, Emma Jayne!

Allison Penn (Class of 2016)

Allison is currently working in the advertising industry as a writer. She works with ad agencies to build different types of advertising assets with her clients, as well freelance writing for other clients. Additionally, her creativity goes beyond the workplace and into her love for dance. Allison spends her free time dancing with two separate dance groups. One of the dance groups, Nozama Dance Collective, is comprised of college graduate women, who use dance to share the female experience in a powerful way, and focus on topics such as body positivity, self-esteem, female friendships, and more. Keep inspiring us in creative ways, Allison!

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