Learn about our sisterhood rooted in friendship, leadership, and service!

Boston University is a school that is lauded for its diversity and multitude of opportunities for students looking to get involved on campus. The Boston University Chapter of Omega Phi Alpha has created a new niche within BU's community- giving service-minded leaders a place to call home.


As an organization Omega Phi Alpha offers it's members many opportunities to develop strong leadership skills that will be used to graduation and after. Sisters are encouraged to run for Executive Board positions as well as taking point on service projects and events that they are passionate about. Through the "Big, Little" scheme older sisters become role models for new members, helping guide them through university and life as a sister of OphiA!


Every member of every chapter of OPhiA comes from a different background, with a unique story. But, we are all connected by one thing - our devotion to service to the university community, to the community at large, and to the nations of the world. The bonds formed when helping others cannot easily be replicated. Omega Phi Alpha prides itself on having a strong sisterhood and creating lifelong friendships!



Here at the BU chapter of OPhiA we are constantly looking for knew ways to help or fellow students, sisters and the greater Boston community. Every semester we take on new service projects and whether it be serving food at a shelter or handing out treats in the GSU, members of OPhiA find that adding service to their university experience to be one of the most fulfilling ways to spend their time.